Thought .

Well, the morning updates you as it updated me. Exploring the possibilities, the sayings, the words for people. 

Impacting my words, my thoughts ! A small diary of me is going to be …

Let it flash me! 



Some Words : An Eulogy

How can we accurately put someone’s life into words. I just can’t wrap up all my feelings in these words.
Running out of my emotions to feel her here. I thought of this being the hardest thing I would ever write. This is a tribute to my beloved great grandmother. I remember those days when me and bhai used to sit with her for listening those selfless tales.

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Rapping, I do.

Personally, I think rap music is the best thing out there. I mean if you look at my music playlist, You’re always going to find hip-hop records. I just feel that music rather I live that music. I know people find hip hop music little loud but trust me it’s craziest. Music is the best way to feel positivity & when you can rhyme your thoughts with your words, it’s awesome.

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