Some Words : An Eulogy

How can we accurately put someone’s life into words. I just can’t wrap up all my feelings in these words.
Running out of my emotions to feel her here. I thought of this being the hardest thing I would ever write. This is a tribute to my beloved great grandmother. I remember those days when me and bhai used to sit with her for listening those selfless tales.

Yes, I do miss those days when I used to roam around her to get saved from scoldings. She was unbelievably compassionate. We could reach her anytime, her door was always open. Though, She couldn’t see but she used to feel us. She always recognized all of us rightly. She had an amazing capability of recognition even at that age.
But good things are always meant to be taken. Sometimes, I wish to have one Doraemon in my life.
I remember all of us sitting just around her on the floor. She was lying down closing her eyes. It was almost half month completed to see her like that. But that day, She lost her will & We lost our headmaster. I know, she can’t comeback.
It’s reality not virtuality. But, I just want to say, She would always cherish my heart. She absolutely had an amazing life experience and she was blessed to live for so long but for us it’s still not enough. Yes, I do miss her.





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