Rapping, I do.

Personally, I think rap music is the best thing out there. I mean if you look at my music playlist, You’re always going to find hip-hop records. I just feel that music rather I live that music. I know people find hip hop music little loud but trust me it’s craziest. Music is the best way to feel positivity & when you can rhyme your thoughts with your words, it’s awesome.

Yes, I also rhyme my words or rap just to refresh my mind. It’s a best tool to cool down your anger. I just be myself leaving all the shits. Rap music is all I listen, all I love.



No hits, No crime,
‎I think, I’m fine.
‎All of my shades,
‎All I do shine.
‎No works, No feed,
‎No need for my need.
‎I put my words On,
‎They freak as they read.


– I.T


FindMyWritings@Instagram 🤘🙂


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