Some Words : An Eulogy

How can we accurately put someone’s life into words. I just can’t wrap up all my feelings in these words.
Running out of my emotions to feel her here. I thought of this being the hardest thing I would ever write. This is a tribute to my beloved great grandmother. I remember those days when me and bhai used to sit with her for listening those selfless tales.

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Mystery – The Unknown Digits√ Chapter 7 – A Promise for Life

The boy behind the mellow voice is unknown no longer. He has become her reason  to look for another day. Days spent with his presence are all the best days of her life. She has gone through several catastrophes in her young years. Destiny was never on her side. People whom she adored the most were all snatched by her bad luck. She always considered her love a jinx. Her fear of losing people she’s close to, has made her live alone all her life. Jamie’s love and concern has given her a reason to live and believe in the beauty of love. And now, after getting so much attached to him, she doesn’t want to loose him. Meanwhile, his silence is killing her. Breaking the silence she says, ‘umm..say, I’m here.’ ‘The girl with the mess, full of loneliness. You taking up my rest, Could I be your bless?’, he croons. These words in his euphonious voice soothes and haunts her simultaneously.

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Mystery – The Unknown Digits√ Chapter 6 – The Dark Side

He doesn’t know, what’s next ?! They have hopeless feelings for each other. He knows that they have no future together. He is unable to reveal the dark truth of his life. He doesn’t want her to know that they both couldn’t feel each other’s physical presence. He doesn’t want to lose her. He doesn’t want to exclaim that he was so helpless that he couldn’t manage to express his feelings to her. He was so damn coward that he couldn’t resist the unwanted presence in his life. He has a lot to say but not words.

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Mystery – The Unknown Digits√ Chapter 4 – The Flashback

​”The girl with the mess,

Full of loneliness !

You taking up my rest,

Could I be your bless?”

These words made her astound when she received the call from those unknown digits for the very first time. She lost her words. She asked curiously- “Hey, You were the one who helped me out to get those concert tickets ? The one who managed to get me a dress just before my dance performance ? The one who helped me to get my little kitten back ? The one who always helped me mysteriously? So, you were the one who always existed on those four lines written on musical notes ? 

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