Mystery – The Unknown Digits√ Chapter 6 – The Dark Side

He doesn’t know, what’s next ?! They have hopeless feelings for each other. He knows that they have no future together. He is unable to reveal the dark truth of his life. He doesn’t want her to know that they both couldn’t feel each other’s physical presence. He doesn’t want to lose her. He doesn’t want to exclaim that he was so helpless that he couldn’t manage to express his feelings to her. He was so damn coward that he couldn’t resist the unwanted presence in his life. He has a lot to say but not words.

He manages to ignore those most wanted meets in their daily conversations as he never had the courage to confront her with the truth of sharing his life with another girl. He never loved his lady as he was always passionated towards Joe. But he always thought of his being the most unloved and unlucky person in this world which led him to hide his feelings towards her. For now, he doesn’t want this to be an obstacle between the care and concern, he always craved for. He somehow convinces himself and prudently calls her, “Hey! I need to talk to you.” 

Chapter 7 – A Promise for Life



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