Mystery – The Unknown Digits√ Chapter 4 – The Flashback

​”The girl with the mess,

Full of loneliness !

You taking up my rest,

Could I be your bless?”

These words made her astound when she received the call from those unknown digits for the very first time. She lost her words. She asked curiously- “Hey, You were the one who helped me out to get those concert tickets ? The one who managed to get me a dress just before my dance performance ? The one who helped me to get my little kitten back ? The one who always helped me mysteriously? So, you were the one who always existed on those four lines written on musical notes ? 

He didn’t know from where to start. He was talking to the girl he always adored and he had no damn words to start.

He replied – “Yes, I am the one behind those creepy helps. I never wanted to annoy you. I liked you since childhood. I never had the courage to come directly to you. But, I always wanted to be around you. I wanted to be a part of your delicate rather beautiful life. I couldn’t manage to make my thoughts come up to you. Could I be more clear ?”

She replies – “So, How come today?”

He – “I didn’t get any single chance to see you last one month. I just needed to know that you are fine. Making myself comfortable for days I have managed to call you today.”

He asked in a very low pitched voice – “Are you okay?”


She managed to speak – “I want to meet you !”

Could we? …

***She smiles***

Chapter 5 – Infatuation or Love?



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