Mystery – The Unknown Digits√ Chapter 3 – A Sleepless Night

‘I’m really sorry, I can’t make it today. Actually a friend of mine came over so I have to stay back here accompanying her. I’ll see you on another weekend maybe? or will plan..’ She disconnects the call bitterly neglecting his reason of not being there. She grabs her pouch and walks off the table paying no attention to her favourite cheesecake lying there. She gets in her car when those stored tears blurring her vision starts rolling down her cheeks. She sobs barely speaking a word and wiping her tears. She drives to her home hastily paying no heed to her phone rings. She seeks for her house keys and unlocks her door. She heads right to her bedroom ignoring those digits. She throws her baby soft blanket off the bed and lies wearing her heels. Unknowingly, she cries whole night till 7:55 am in the morning when her daily alarm buzzes and brings her back to her conscience.

She gets up and washes her face when her phone rings again. And here it is, that time of the morning, 8:00 am. She rushes back to grab her phone and receives the call. ‘Hey, Are you alright? Where were you last night? I was really worried about you. You didn’t pick any of my calls, even not answered my texts. Is everything okay?’ She takes a deep breath and says in her low-pitched voice ‘yes, I’m alright. I can take good care of myself. You don’t need to worry about me.’ He continues ‘Look, I’m really sorry about yesterday. I had to stay back. I had no option left.’ These words of him reminds her of the tragedy which made her lost them, the car accident which took place 44 days back when her parents asked her to stay back at home and left her alone for her whole life. Her silence says it all. She cries her soul out and says.. ‘It’s okay, I forgive you this time but remember, the very next time I’ll break your bones.’ And this makes both of them giggle.

Chapter 4 – The Flashback



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