Mystery- The Unknown Digits√ Chapter 2 – An Exotic Date

As she steps out of her home, she observes the alluring weather which fascinates her towards it. She fishes her car keys in her beautiful red bag which she paired with her sleek black dress. She runs towards her car forgetting the enormous weight of stilettos, she was in. As she gets in her car, she wears her favourite creamy matte lipstick, her mom gifted her. She always believed in her mum’s good taste for makeup. Afterall, she was a renowned makeup artist of her time. She accelerates her car towards ‘The Bluepine Cafe’ where she was expected to be…

Being a keen observer, she always used to notice and cherish the views on her way to her destination unlike today. The excitement of meeting the person with the dulcet voice behind the unknown digits was that high afterall. She parks the car and takes a glance of her makeup for one last time as she wants to look her best today. She gets in the venue and spots her pre booked table there. She walks towards it with a real low self confidence. Her legs are shaking and goosebumps covered her whole body out of nervousness. She pulls out a chair, her thighs pressing each other she sits. She looks at the clock and realises she has never been so punctual her entire life. She was busy in herself when someone interrupted her asking..’Excuse me mam, what would you like to have?’ She orders herself a red velvet cheesecake with a white chocolate mocha. This was her happy meal of all time. As the waiter leaves, her phone rings. She desperately seeks her phone in her pouch when her million dollar smile says it all. *those known unknown digits again flashed*

Chapter 3 – A Sleepless Night




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